Artemis - Want a guide with a little sass on the side? Then Artemis is your goddess for the evening. Follow me on an adventure through the doors of San Francisco's dance party nightlife. And when I'm not playing gal pal for all you parTAY people, I spin fire, practice yoga, get freaky with a posse of clowns, ride my motorcycle, and celebrate the magic of life! I'll see you on the bus!
Micheal has spent years gesturing dramatically from the isle of bus-based party tours. When not a flight attendant for Three Babes and a Bus, Inc. he's a writer, storyteller and performance artist. He's funny haha. He's funny hmmm. And by the end of the night, you'll have taken it all farther than you thought you would.
Claudia - Hop on Claudia's bus and strap yourself in for an evening like you've never experienced! This 3 Babes MC will lead you and your friends on a wild, raucous, loud, insane tour of SF's hottest nightspots. Claudia will keep the party going both on the bus with music to make you shake your thang and off the bus partying in the clubs. It's like Vegas on wheels!
Eva - is an integral part of the SF alternative art scene and community. She is usually running around working on a creative project as an independent filmmaker, performance artist, fire arts dancer or running the art tours at Burning Man. On her off hours she loves to dance and have fun !

elcome to Three Babes and a Bus, Inc. For over a decade we've been providing safe & fun Nightclub Adventures to San Francisco's Hottest Nightclubs.

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